We have wide range of automation system products which can help you to stop or fill your water pump automatically without presence. Our products for Automation Solution are AUTOFILL AFD 16C, AUTOFILL AFD 16, AQUASTOPPER, AQUALARM, AUTOFILL MINI,

We have designed and developed some security solution products which will make you alert from unwanted entry into your home, business premises. Our security solutions products are DOORMAN, DOORMAN PRO, WATCHPRO, DOORMATE, ALERTO+, BOUNGUARD, TALKIEPRO

Welcome to Esdee Electronics

Security and Automation System Product Developer

Esdee Electronics has been started operations with its fresh ideas as a manufacturer of water level alarm, water overflow stopper and fully automatic water pump controllers in 2008, with the passage of time we have developed our ideas on security segments also in two verticals domestic as well as commercial with ample of product portfolio like – vibration based door/window wireless alarm system, wireless motion detector alarm system, boundary guard alarm system, audio door phone etc under guideline of SSI license.

Security is everyone’s concern… but it’s our business.

A ESDEE security system protects your home and family and brings you the latest in home automation. Whether you are a small business or the largest commercial enterprise, we also have the right security solution for you.

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For Home

  • Autofill

    Autofill-AFD16 system is an automatic pump controlling machine by which we can operate our existing or new pump machine without any manual efforts.

  • Aquastopper

    Aquastopper is semi-manual high quality automatic water pump stopper to protect overflow of both Submersible and Jet/Tulu water-tank.

  • Doorman

    Doorman is a vibration based burglar alarm system which can be installed on any door or window from inside.

For Business

  • Bounguard

    Bounguard is top quality weatherproof infrared beam detector sensors based outdoor boundary security system which provides extra security to your domestic house or industrial places by creating an invisible fence outdoors.

  • Talkiepro

    Talkiepro is a security door-phone system through which people can talk to the outsider to get an idea about the identity of the visitor before opening the door.

  • Watchpro

    Watchpro is completely indoor security system which detects unwanted human movements or interferences in any places, and provides safety alert instantly.